* My internship in Kenya *

I have been accepted for a volunteer internship through Pro Corps, a program of  Foundation for Sustainable Development(FSD).  In June, I will be turning my life on its head and moving to Mombasa, Kenya where I will live and work for five and a half months.  I will be providing support to a community-based organization (CBO), and contributing my effort and creativity to sustainable project work.

This May, I graduated from San Francisco State with my Masters in Public Administration.  I focused my studies on international development work and non-profit management.  I am very excited to now gain meaningful, hands-on international development experience.

Thank you for supporting me!

FSD’s method for supporting sustainable development is to partner with small CBOs that predominantly do not receive funding from CARE, USAID, or other major sources.  These CBOs are doing great work, but are working so deeply in the trenches that they do not have outreach and fundraising branches.  FSD supports these organizations directly by sending volunteers and interns (like me) who donate their passion, time, and expertise.  Instead of reducing participant fees, they allocate 100% of their funds to support projects designed collaboratively by participants and their host organizations.  The local CBOs could never afford to pay for this support, so the cost must be absorbed by someone else.

FSD Mission:  FSD supports the efforts of more than 300 community-based organizations throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America to support sustainable change.  We believe development begins with the community and is only sustainable if it comes from and is supported by the members of these communities.  Our development model relies on active community participation to mobilize lasting solutions. While respecting local value systems, we partner with local leaders to build networks and collaborate on community-driven approaches to development issues.

I believe that FSD’s mission and intern program is a practical model for effectively channeling the most financial resources and professional skills possible to needy communities, while guaranteeing that the resources are used ethically and efficiently, to build a sustainable future.

15 responses to “* My internship in Kenya *

  1. Beautiful blog so far, Stephanie! I look forward to following your adventure. Your AJWS family is so proud of you! Courtney

  2. Thank you for sharing this and for your dedication to make a difference! I will enjoy keeping up with our posts!

  3. oneredsock

    I just discovered your blog and signed up for updates. I’m coming close to the end of a 12 month volunteer posting in Gaborone, Botswana with USPG. Enjoy you time – it will be challenging but it goes so quickly! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experiences in Mombasa.
    Good luck!

  4. I came across your blog and would love to put a small story about you and your passion to serve on my blog, Change For ONE. I started this second blog of mine, because my passion is inspiring others to take their passion, add action, and find purpose in their lives using their God given talents and gifts. It’s about ONE person, using their passions, and making a difference in the world ONE community, ONE person, and ONE need at a time regardless of where they are.

    If you would be interested, I would like to feature a blog post about you. You can see more about this at http://changeforone.wordpress.com/ and contact me directly at change4one@gmail.com.



  5. You are a gifted wise woman. I ran across your blog quite by accident and enjoy reading it. Thank you.

  6. katie

    Hello stephanie,

    I have just lituraly come across your blog and was really intrested in what you are doing and i wish all the best to you on your travels! This morning i booked my tickit for boxing day to go to mombasa! im feeling every feeling possible scared, excited and just dont know what to expect “sure… culture shock will be the first thing that comes to mind”, but im 20 going over on my own and just would love some experienced advice from yourself !


    katie x

    • hi katie, how exciting for you! how long will you be visiting Mombasa? And what made you decide to travel here? depending on the kind of experience you’re planning for yourself, I’ll have different advice to give to you. I’ll send you an email so you can tell me more.

  7. Hi. I stumbled across your blog quite accidentally and am glad that I did. I was born and brought up in Nairobi and I love your posts. I just want to thank you for bringing the great country to the attention of people all over the world, and it is heart-warming to see you so passionate about what you do. I am sure Kenya will always hold a special place in your heart, and somewhere down the line your heart will be aching to go back, once you finish the five and a half months… 🙂

    • thank you for your comment! I’m looking forward to my final 3 months – I will be posting soon about some new challenges and work, I hope you continue to enjoy my posts!

  8. Hey Stephanie,
    I love what you’re doing with the Bay Area ID meet-up group! I live in Melbourne Australia so unfortunately I can’t make it – but if anyone in your group is looking for ideas on how they might best become involved in an international development /community engagement project, I might be able to help. I’ll be travelling to Tibet, Bangladesh, Burma, and India in April/May/June to identify opportunities for people to contribute and share skills in various communities. If anyone in your ID group has a particular skill set or experience that they would like to share with the world, I can help find the right opportunity if they would like. Check out http://www.seed09.wordpress.com and good luck!

  9. Hi
    I am really moved by the fact that one could travel thousands of miles across continents and seas to come and make a different in communities whose cultures are completely different & where comfort is a mirage. I am a resident of Mombasa and your story has challenged me to make a difference in whatever way i can, especially through volunteering. Thank you.

    • Hi Steve, thank you for your comments, it’s so nice to hear from you. You should call Kwame or Gabi 724.285.108 or 773.557.528 and inquire about volunteering with them in Likoni!

  10. Fancy chepkorir

    This is an amazing field..

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