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Safari pics are posted

I went on a safari trip last weekend with eight other interns.  It was amazing!  We saw so many animals, and so many of them were so close to us!  I began to really get a kick out of saying “Oh look, more elephants.”  Seriously, on one hillside, a herd of them looked like cows at a glance… surreal.  We saw lots of mamas and babies, and passed through a herd of giraffes, munching away on treetops.  The pictures I took are now posted, check them out!

I made them all pretty small so that it wouldn’t take forever to upload – if you want to see any of them at original size, just ask!

ps- remember the names in the Lion King?  Simba means lion, and Rafiki means friend, in Kiswahili.  I have to remember to look up Mufasa, Pumba, Timon, etc.


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