tick tock goes the calendar

Happy December!

Wow, five and a half months have passed, and I’m now looking at my final five days in Kenya now.  I have been remiss in posting these past months, sorry about that.  I learned one good lesson about Kenya (too late, alas) about a month ago, when my laptop up and died.  The plastic case I’d bought for it was apparently perfect for trapping in the massive amounts of dust, heat and humidity that Kenya is blessed with… and so my RAM and hard drive were toasted.  So… internet I’ve been catching here and there.  It was good for my productivity, at least.

Speaking of productivity… well, I have to say that I feel like I have been quite productive while working here.  Another list of finished projects probably isn’t what you want to read though. What I will tell you about is one project that I feel great pride and satisfaction in, and that is the Monitoring and Evaluation system that I have built for Hatua Likoni, and specifically for the Likoni Scholarship Fund (LSF) program.

One of my classes in my final semester of my MPA program earlier this year was Evaluation.  I was excited for that class because I felt that the field of evaluation and impact analysis might be the career path that I’ve been circling and circling, narrowing in on, and finally might have found the X in the middle of the maze.  After learning everything that I did in that class, I was very eager for the possibility of implementing my knowledge in the field.  Luckily for me, an M&E system was on the list of potential projects for me to do while volunteering!

So, I’ve now created a system of logic model, data collection tools, spreadsheets, analysis plan and report templates that feels very strong, useful and tied into the running of the program.  The Program Coordinator, Kwame, feels that it will serve as a guide for the program’s future and growth, and that it makes all of their information make much more sense now.  I hope in six months he still feels the same, but as for right now, I feel confident about the system we created together, and how it will help Hatua grow stronger and better.

I’m crossing tasks off of my shrinking to-do list, and come Sunday, I’ll be back on a plane, making my way Westward.  I’m looking forward to big hugs and big meals and big love, and can’t wait to see so many of you.  And to everyone in Kenya that I’ve become close to, may we meet again one day, and until then, many blessings to you!


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6 responses to “tick tock goes the calendar

  1. Skippy

    >So, I’ve now created a system of logic model, data collection tools, spreadsheets, analysis plan and report templates that feels very strong, useful and tied into the running of the program.

    You’ve done what now? That’s so organized and intelligent, I can barely understand it. You are amazing though. That much is clear even to me.
    On a related note, I can’t wait to see you again!

  2. Olga

    YAY! You’re coming back!! WITH STORIES! 😀

  3. mama & papa

    As Stephanie’s parents we would like to state here how very very proud we are of our adventurous daughter- of what she set out to do, what she has endured, and what she has done in her time of volunteering in Kenya. We think she is an amazing young woman and we know she has only laid the groundwork here for what she wants to and will go on to accomplish in the NGO world and in her life in general. We love you Darling! Kudos and Godspeed on your journey westward to the arms of your home family.

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