Adding some spice

When I visited Nairobi at the end of September, I insisted on going out to a Thai restaurant.  It was surprisingly delicious, and not just because we were in Kenya!  I will write more about Nairobi soon – but I was inspired to try out some Thai cooking myself.  I began cooking my own dinners a few weeks back.  Spaghetti pasta with butter, salt and pepper, tossed with some cut-up tomatoes and avocados.  Simple, tasty, healthy, and oh it made me happy.  I have always been too busy to cook my own meals back in SF, and I’m finding that I really enjoy it, especially with fresh vegetables so available!  I stepped it up a notch this Monday though, and I went to Nakumatt’s exotic foods aisle and found some green curry paste.  I am now making some seriously good food over here, people!  Green curry eggplant and spinach with pan-fried noodles.  Oh the new taste sensation is magnificent manna to my mouth!

Next concoction for my menu: Sauteed spinach with Thai pepper sauce!

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